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Balls and Halls is a game created by Ian T for Github Gameoff 2017. The theme for the Gameoff was "throwback".

Play the game here:

Check out the gameplay video here:

The game is separated into 2 distinct levels. The first level involves a game of dodgeball, and the second level is an oldschool style FPS.

How to play:

  • Level 1:

    • Use WASD to move.
    • Hold left mouse button to build up throwing power; release to throw.
    • Blue balls are safe to pick up. Avoid RED balls at all costs.
  • Level 2:

    • Use WASD to move.
    • Use left mouse button to shoot rubber bands.

The theme, "throwback", is referenced in several ways:

  • During dodgeball, you must "throw back" the balls at your opponent.
  • All graphics in the game use the NES color pallette.
  • The second level is a throwback to oldschool FPS games like Doom or Wolfenstein.
  • All music and sound effects in the game were purposefully made in a retro style.
  • The game takes place in a high school - a throwback to the days of our youth.