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Gluttony Simulator

We all begin life with enormous athletic potential to someday jump high and run fast. Unfortunately, too many of us neglect our health, instead constantly seeking that next endorphin inducing mouth pleasure to make the shame go away - if only but momentarily.

Gluttony Simulator lets you see in real time just how your choices to overeat can affect your mobility. Begin the game as a slim, fit, and attractive athlete, eat everything you see, and observe as your abilities to jump high and run fast quickly diminish. Also, eating makes you fat.

This game was created for Ludum Dare 40. All code, art, and music was created by Ian T.

How to play:

  • use WASD to move
  • use mouse to look around
  • use SPACE to jump
  • Goal: Eat as much food as you can before time runs out

Important Note: There seems to be some performance issues with the web build of the game. I recommend downloading the standalone if you want the TRUE glutton experience. Select 800 x 600 resolution if prompted.

Play & Download:

Ludum Dare Page:

Gameplay Video:

Thank you for playing.