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Finding and Exploiting CPU Features using MSRTemplating

This repository contains the source code for the MSRevilio framework from the Symposium on Security and Privacy 2022 paper Finding and Exploiting CPU Features using MSRTemplating by Andreas Kogler, Daniel Weber, Martin Haubenwallner, Moritz Lipp, Daniel Gruss and Michael Schwarz.

This document gives a quick illustration of how to build and run the MSR scanner and additional analysis tools.

Building the Tools


First, check out the submodule:

git submodule update --recursive --init

Build and load the kernel module

To build and load the kernel module, run the following commands:

cd msr_scanner/module
sudo insmod msrs.ko

Build tools

To build the necessary tools, run the following commands:

cd msr_scanner/tools
mkdir -p build
CC=gcc-10 CXX=g++-10 cmake ..

Note: This requires a c++ compiler with c++20 support. We suggest gcc-10 and g++-10.

Run MSR detection


To run the MSR scan, you need to allow to run kernel tasks for a long period:

echo 0 | sudo tee /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs

Run Scanner

To run the actual MSR scan that communicates with the kernel module, run the following command:

./msr_scanner/tools/build/bin/msrs_detect 4

where 4 is the number of threads that will be started.

Extract MSR list

When the scan completes, you can extract the detected MSRs with the following command:

./msr_scanner/tools/build/bin/msrs_ls > msrs.log

Analyze MSR list

Sample MSRs

To sample the MSRs over a period of time, you can run the following command:

./scripts/sampling/ <duration in seconds> <msrs list file>

An example:

./scripts/sampling/ 1 msrs.log

This will create a sample_all_1_${date} file.

Analyse samples

To automatically scan the resulted log file for MSRs that change over time, run the following command:

python ./scripts/sampling/ sample_all_${duration}_${date} -a changes

Detect influences of MSR bits on instructions

Chekout the in msr_influences

BIOS Templating

Chekout the in bios_template


Warning #1: We are providing this code as-is. You are responsible for protecting yourself, your property and data, and others from any risks caused by this code. This code may cause unexpected and undesirable behavior to occur on your machine.

Warning #2: This code is only for testing purposes. Do not run it on any production systems. Do not run it on any system that might be used by another person or entity.


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