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Mooring Line Calculation Software

Appreciating that AtoN buoy mooring lines are often dimensioned with a rule of thumb and regularly end up as being too short for most site conditions, IALA has developed an easy to use numerical catenary mooring line calculator, derived from their own mooring calculators. This tool integrates a few more load parameters than IALA guidelines and other simple calculators. This tool allows users to use or input libraries of buoy models or easily built their own buoy model for calculation. It also allows user to compare the results between two different buoys or two different buoys mooring lines. This software will be offered for free distribution to IALA members.


Technical reference
Application guide


.NET Framework 4 - Client Profile : Download here: Runtime .net Framework 4.0


  1. Download the setup package CALMAR

  2. Run the setup package and the software will be installed in the directory C:\Calmar

  3. A shortcut will be created on the desktop


This version will include the korean language and new button to change the working directory


This version will include the arabic language and save/load site parameter.