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{{Event Title}} Post-Event Confirmation Form

Dear {{Organizer’s name (list all names in case of multiple organizers)}} (hereinafter referred to collectively as “Organizers”),

We, the team members (as listed at the end of this form), acknowledge and agree to the following matters relating to the event below (hereinafter referred to as “Event”).

Event Name: {{Event name}}
Event Date and Time: {{Date and time (list all dates and time in case of multiple dates and time)}}

1. Products

Final products that we created as a team (excluding ideas, concepts or intermediate products created during this Event, etc.; hereinafter referred to as “Team Products”) during this Event are as follows:

1.1. Title:

1.2. Description:

2. Commercialization

2.1. Team members will discuss again within a reasonable period of time whether or not Team Products should be commercialized, and if commercialization is chosen, determine whether or not to participate in the said business.

2.2. In a case of the foregoing, persons who do not participate in such commercialization shall waive intellectual property rights and any other rights relating to Team Products.

3. Intellectual Property

3.1. With respect to the establishment of intellectual property rights for Team Products, we have confirmed our intent as follows:

  • We wish to establish rights.
  • We have no intent to establish rights.

3.2. In case of wishing to establish intellectual property rights, we have confirmed our intent as follows:

  • Patent or utility model right
    (Subject to right establishment:                      )
  • Design right
    (Subject to right establishment:                      )
  • Trademark right
    (Subject to right establishment:                      )

4. Disclosure

With regards to matters relating to Team Products that should not be disclosed in order to avoid the loss of novelty of invention, utility model or design and the impediment of establishing such rights, we have confirmed our intent as follows:

  • All matters may be disclosed.
  • Some matters should not be disclosed.
    (Specifics:                                )

5. Relationship with Affiliated Organization(s)

Team members who participated in this Event as agents or representatives on behalf of their corporation, etc. shall confirm the intention of their corporation about the rights and obligations, etc. relating to this Event, etc. on their own responsibility. If any trouble or conflict arises in relation to a corporation, etc. to which a team member belongs, said team member shall resolve such trouble or conflict on his/her own responsibility and at his/her own expense, and shall not cause any trouble to Organizers, supporting companies or other team members or make any claims or objections.

6. Warranty

The team representative represents and guarantees the Organizers that he/she has discussed the content of this confirmation form with all the team members and that he/she is authorized to represent all the team members.

7. Special Notes

[                                      ]


Team Members: * * * * *

Team Representative [Address]
[Name]                  Seal

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