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If you would like to contribute to the IATI Datastore project, you can....

  • Send us feedback about your user experience. Contact details at:
  • Report bugs
  • Request new features
  • Contribute code or documents to improve the application. See the list of specific tasks below.

How to report a bug or request a feature

If you are able to work with GitHub then please "Create an issue"

Before creating a new issue check to see if the issue already exists. If not then please do report it. If you have permissions to assign the issue to people and milestones then try to select suitable options.

If you are not comfortable working with GitHub, but would still like to contribute, then talk to us. Details at:

How to contribute code and documents

How we use branches in this repository

  • master represents our main development branch
  • live is the branch we are currently using for our deployed instance of the code
  • Other branches represent development work or bug fixes.

Submitting changes

  • Fork this repository (if you haven't previously)
  • Make sure you're working on top of an up to date copy of IATI's master branch
    • Create a branch named after the work you're doing (if you're targeting a specific issue, start the branch name with the issue number e.g. 42-feature-name)
  • Do your work
    • If your work addresses a specific issue, reference that issue in your commit message by starting the commit message with [#issue number] e.g. [#64]
  • Create a pull request

Specific Tasks:


If you find any issues in deploying your own version of the code we'd love to hear about it and try to improve our deployment documentation.


We would welcome any improvements to how the code or the application is documented.


Can you check that the generated statstics are telling us what we think they are telling us? Do you have other tests/statistics that we could be generating?

Unit Tests

Can you improve the unit testing to make deployment more robust?

Fix a Bitesize issue

We mark some of issues as 'Bitesize'. Generally these will help ease you into the code and help you find your way around.

Talk to us

We'd love to hear from you. Details at:

For general guidance on contributing to IATI Code please see