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TeamTreehouse FSJS Project 3
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Team Treehouse Project 3

Form Interactivity & Validation


This project started with a simple form and I added interactivity & validation.

My starter files were index.html and style.css. I added script.js and normalize.css. I tweaked small things in index.html, such as adding more activities as test cases for my interactivity (detailed below). I made minor changes to a few class names as well.

My main work was done in script.js. I progressively added features to the form to make it more user-friendly.


  • Interactiveness

    • 'Other' job field appears when necessary
    • correct T-shirt colors appear, depending on which design is selectd
    • selecting an activity automatically disables conflicting activities
    • cost total is updated live
    • payment method info updates based on payment method selection
    • validation messages appear and disappear without having to hit 'Submit'
    • 'Register' button checks form validation before submitting
  • Form validation

    • name field must be filled
    • email field must be filled & have valid email
    • job role (if 'other') must be filled
    • T-shirt design & color must be selected
    • at least 1 activity must be selected
    • if credit card is used
      • card number must have 13-16 digits
      • zip must have 5 digits
      • CVV must have 3-4 digits
  • Progressive enhancement: form works without JS

Extra Credit

  • hides the t-shirt 'color' menu until a design has been chosen
  • conditional error message on credit card number input
  • real-time error message on email input

Changes to the Provided Template

  • form now has the name 'form'
  • styling is mildly changed
  • added extra activites as test cases for my overlapping date/time code
  • changed data-day-and-time property to more closely follow ISO 8601 standards
  • changed some tag names, etc to make code easier to work with & more uniform
  • added less severe warning messages directly into HTML for progressive enhancement
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