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Flexible modeling of neuroimaging data in R, point by point

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Note!!! Documentation is hosted on github pages.

This project contains an in-development R package (called neuropointillist) which defines functions to help scientists to run voxel-wise models using R on neuroimaging data. Why would one like to do this, rather than using a dedicated fMRI analysis packages?

First, fMRI analysis packages are generally quite limited in the models that they can run. This package can help you run structural equation models on your fMRI data if you wish.

Second, it is really instructive to understand what fMRI software is doing with your data. T statistics are so much sweeter when you have generated them with your own R code.

The neuropointillist package has functions to combine multiple sets of neuroimaging data, run arbitrary R code (a "model") on each voxel in parallel, output results, and reassemble the data. Included are three standalone programs. npoint and npointrun use the neuropointillist package, and npointmerge uses reassembles results.

There are some examples included in this package that use data that we cannot release. These are useful only for looking at modeling code or for inspiration. However, we have simulated two timepoints of fMRI data and have a complete example and a worked vignette.

Please direct all comments and complaints to Tara Madhyastha (

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