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How to use hfc with the IBM Bluemix Blockchain beta service

The goal is to run helloblockchain.js sample program, which will deploy example02 chaincode and query/invoke it.

  1. Install npm if not installed already, instructions are here Install Node.js v6.2.0 - v6.10.0 (Node v7+ is not supported)

  2. clone this repository

    git clone
  3. Go to SDK-Demo folder and install hfc package with the below command:

    npm install
  4. Create a Bluemix account, login and using the Catlog and select the Blockchain service. Once in the service select either a Starter Developer plan or High Security Business Network plan (if authorized). Now, click on CREATE and get the Service Credentials for the service. Cut and Paste this json file and save it as ServiceCredentials.json in your local directory where helloblockchain.js

    • Refer the sample file in repo here

    alt tag

  5. The node sdk will create the keyValStore directory and store cryptography data for each user that registers.

    WARNING: Once enrollment is successful you will see the crypto material under keyValStore-<network-id>
             Don't delete this material till your network is deleted or reset.
         If you lost this cryptography data you can't communicate with Bluemix CA server, thus enrollment fails	
  6. From SDK-Demo folder run node program:

    node helloblockchain.js

    To enable debug logs :

    DEBUG=hfc node helloblockchain.js

    To enable grpc traces:

    GRPC_TRACE=all DEBUG=hfc node helloblockchain.js

Once Deploy/Invoke and Query are successful, we should see the below messages:

Successfully deployed chaincode: request={"fcn":"init","args":["a","100","b","200"],"certificatePath":"/certs/blockchain-cert.pem","chaincodePath":"chaincode_example02"}, response={"uuid":"2d6ad8d6-1390-4c60-a01b-f4c301175eb7","chaincodeID":"9be0a0ed3f1788e8728c8911c747d2f6d0e205fa63422dc598d498fe709b9b8d","result":"TODO: get actual results; waited 120 seconds and assumed deploy was successful"}

Successfully submitted chaincode invoke transaction: request={"chaincodeID":"9be0a0ed3f1788e8728c8911c747d2f6d0e205fa63422dc598d498fe709b9b8d","fcn":"invoke","args":["a","b","1"]}, response={"uuid":"f9a902d2-44d8-4b68-b43d-419470ba73ae"}

Successfully completed chaincode invoke transaction: request={"chaincodeID":"9be0a0ed3f1788e8728c8911c747d2f6d0e205fa63422dc598d498fe709b9b8d","fcn":"invoke","args":["a","b","1"]}, response={"result":"waited 20 seconds and assumed invoke was successful"}

Successfully queried  chaincode function: request={"chaincodeID":"9be0a0ed3f1788e8728c8911c747d2f6d0e205fa63422dc598d498fe709b9b8d","fcn":"query","args":["a"]}, value=99


chaincode is kept under src/chaincode folder, which also contains vendor folder , when you replaced the chaincode file chaincode_example02.go with your own chaincode make sure you retain the vendor folder, this is required for the peer to compile your chaincode and create container. Also if you have any dependent libs make sure you add them under vendor folder.


  • Make sure you have hfc@0.6.5 with either of the below commands from your SDK-Demo dir

    • npm ls hfc
    • npm list -g | grep hfc #If installed using -g flag
  • if you get query failure error as below.

Failed to query chaincode, function: request={"chaincodeID":"9be0a0ed3f1788e8728c8911c747d2f6d0e205fa63422dc598d498fe709b9b8d","fcn":"query","args":["a"]}, error={"error":{"status":"FAILURE","msg":{"type":"Buffer","data":[69,114,114,111,114,58,70,97,105,108,101,100,32,116,111,32,108,97,117,110,99,104,32,99,104,97,105,110,99,111,100,101,32,115,112,101,99,40,112,114,101,109,97,116,117,114,101,32,101,120,101,99,117,116,105,111,110,32,45,32,99,104,97,105,110,99,111,100,101,32,40,57,98,101,48,97,48,101,100,51,102,49,55,56,56,101,56,55,50,56,99,56,57,49,49,99,55,52,55,100,50,102,54,100,48,101,50,48,53,102,97,54,51,52,50,50,100,99,53,57,56,100,52,57,56,102,101,55,48,57,98,57,98,56,100,41,32,105,115,32,98,101,105,110,103,32,108,97,117,110,99,104,101,100,41]}},"msg":"Error:Failed to launch chaincode spec(premature execution - chaincode (9be0a0ed3f1788e8728c8911c747d2f6d0e205fa63422dc598d498fe709b9b8d) is being launched)"}

increase deploy wait time ex: chain.setDeployWaitTime(100);