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This project contains the code necessary to run a mockup IBM HR portal that represents a credential issuing service hosted by IBM's human resources department.

The mock application is a Node.js express web app that serves up APIs and web pages related to signing up for a certificate of employment.

Part 2: Issuing proof of employment

Click here to start the demo over.

Visit this page to play with a running instance of this sample.

Creating a HR user account

Now, you're going to pretend you work for IBM's Human Resources department, and you're creating an employee profile for a new hire. You're going to fill out their information in IBM's employee database.

  1. Click on the Demo Users button at the top of the page and select a user in from the list that appears. This will pre-populate many of the form's fields. You can fill in the fields yourself, if you wish, but this is faster.

    You should use the same name that you used when you created the DMV profile in Part 1.

  2. Enter the Agent URL for the user. This endpoint will be used to connect to the user's agent and issue their proof of employment.
  3. Enter the remaining required information such as email address (which will be used as the username of the account), a password, and first and last name. All values can be fictitious. Your password will be used in subsequent instructions.
  4. Review the information in the user creation form and click the Create button on the bottom of the form. create_user.png

Issuing the proof of employment

Now you're going to switch roles, pretending to be the employee. You're going to sign in to IBM HR portal and deliver your proof of employment credential to your agent.

  1. Click on Home link at the top of the page to return to the user's login page. hr_go_home.png
  2. Enter the username and password for the account that you just created and "sign in" as that user to open their employee profile page. hr_sign_in.png
  3. On the profile page, click the Issue credential button on the left panel of the page. issue_credential.png
  4. Accept the connection offer from IBM HR on your mobile app.
  5. Accept the credential offer from IBM HR on your mobile app.

Moving on...

You've completed the second step of the tutorial. Next up is signing up for a bank account...


Publish a schema and a credential definition

This only needs to be performed once. After the schema and credential definition are published, you can restart the app without losing them.

  1. From the admin page, click the Create Schema to open the schema creation modal.
  2. (Optional) Fill out the name and version of the schema. The default values should be fine unless you're experimenting.
  3. Click the Submit button. The new schema should appear in the schema list momentarily. publish_schema.png
  4. Click the Publish Cred Def button on the entry in the Schemas table. The new credential definition should appear in the Credential Definitions table momentarily. publish_cred_def.png

Now you can create a demo user and issue a credential.

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