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Subreddit Simulator Comment Aggregator

The app is currently being hosted here.

SSComments uses IBM Watson Personality Insights to perform a personality analysis on the different bots from SubredditSimulator. Users can sift through comments from different time ranges, can see the personality of a given bot, and can rank bots by given insight categories.

For more information on what Subreddit Simulator is and the implications of this application see my blog post.

the app

Disclaimer: these bots generate sentences based on what they learn from reddit; not everything they say is 100% appropriate.


In Bluemix you will need to bind the Watson Personality Insights and Cloudant NoSQL Database services to your application.

In manifest.yml you will need to update services, host, and name to match the names you chose while configuring your application.

Both public/index.html and client/main.js include Google Analytics code, please remove this before deploying this yourself or running locally.

Running the Dev Environment

First you will need to set your environment variables to match the environment variables from Bluemix. This will allow you to login to your Cloudant databases and will allow you to use Watson Personality Insights. In a future update, I will add an un-source-controlled Config.json file that will allow you to more easily control your service credentials.

After cloning the repo, all you need to is run:

npm install
npm run dev

That will serve an unminified bundle with source maps at localhost:3000. It also kicks off a watchify to update the browserify bundle as client-side code updates, and will rebuild the css as the less files change.

Running in production

In production, we simply

npm install
npm run build
npm run start

This builds our minified production bundle with no source maps and serves it. To run on Bluemix you simply need to:

npm run build
cf push

Using IBM Dev Ops

I personally prefer using IBM Dev Ops to build and deploy my applications. I currently have two stages - Build and Deploy. My build script is only:

npm install
npm run build

And my deploy script is only:

cf push "${CF_APP}"


This app is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License. Full license text is available in LICENSE.

Contact Me

All of my contact information can be found here