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cf-fed-wiki - a version of federated wiki for Cloud Foundry

The cf-fed-wiki package is a version of the Federated Wiki server customized for deployment to Cloud Foundry.

The best way to learn about Federated Wiki is to visit the Federated Wiki video site.

deploy on Bluemix

You can deploy this app on the IBM Bluemix PaaS by clicking the "Deploy to Bluemix" button below:

Deploy to Bluemix

deploy on Cloud Foundry, by hand

  • Clone this git repo.

  • Customize the manifest.yml file to provide your own custom host property.

  • Create a MongoDB service; the service should be named mongodb-fedwiki and should have a single property in it's credentials of either uri or url. On Bluemix, you can do this with the command:

      cf create-service mongolab sandbox mongodb-fedwiki
  • Push the app without starting it:

      cf push --no-start
  • Bind the mongodb-fedwiki service to the app (cf-fed-wiki):

      cf bind-service cf-fed-wiki mongodb-fedwiki
  • Start the app:

      cf start cf-fed-wiki


All code provided in this package is licensed under:

Apache License, Version 2.0


Packages pulled in via package dependencies are under separate licenses.