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Sample/Tutorial using Cloudant, Watson in a JavaEE App on IBM Bluemix
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Talent Manager

Three ways to deploy this application:

Option 1: Click the button below Deploy to Bluemix

Option 2: Download the source, compile using ant and push the war to Bluemix

git clone
cd talent-manager
cd output
cf login -a
cf create-service cloudantNoSQLDB Shared talent-manager-db
cf create-service personality_insights tiered personality-insights-talent-manager
cf push aUniqueAppName

Replace aUniqueAppName with the name of your app (ex. talent-manager123)

Option 3: Import and deploy to Bluemix using Eclipse for Java EE with the Bluemix plugin.

#Architecture Diagram alt tag


Meet Ivy

  • She's a talent manager at a growing tech startup.
  • She's having trouble finding the right candidate based on: ..* technical skills ..* personal compatibility

I wish I could clone my developer, Emory Wren -- having two guys like Emory working here would be amazing.

But that's not possible. So what's the next best thing?

** Talent Hotspot A web application that allows you to search for candidates from a pool of applicants based on how closely they resemble one of your current employees. Talent Hotspot uses Watson's User Modeling API service to analyze a potential candidate's personality based on their answers to a questionnaie (completed upon application to Ivy's company.)

The application can issue queries such as,

"Find me a Developer like Craig Smith". Then search through all possible candidate and return a ranked list of candidates sorted by highest-to-lowest percentage of personality resemblance. From here, searches can be refined by including technical skills. "Find me a Developer like Craig Smith, and knows Java, C and Python"


Watson APIs

User Modeling API

  • Rerieve personality traits
  • Visualize personality Traits

Cloudant NoSQL Database

  • Store personality profiles



  • Angular.js
  • external file manager for reading text files

Pre-req's for local development

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