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Kitura Todo List - Cassandra

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An example using the Kitura web framework and HTTP Server to develop a backend for a todo list organizer. This example uses Cassandra to store the todo list items.


  • Swift 3.0 compiler toolchain
  • Xcode 8

Quick start for developing locally:

Make sure you have Cassandra setup somewhere.

  1. Install the Swift 3.0 toolchain

  2. Clone this.

  3. Run Swift Build

    swift build

  4. Autogenerate an XCode project:

    swift package generate-xcodeproj
  5. Setup configuration settings:

    These settings can be defined with environment variables:

    • db_host : host name of database (defaults to localhost)
    • db_port : port of database (defaults to 32699)
    • db_user : database username (defaults to no username)
    • db_pass : database password (defaults to no password)
    • db_keyspace : keyspace to use. This keyspace will not be created for you.
    • url: url of where project is running (defaults to localhost:8090)
    • port: port for Kitura to bind to. (Defaults to 8090) If you are using Bluemix, this environment variable is assigned for you.

    You can also change the values in the Sources/main.swift file.

  6. Open up xcode and run the project.

  7. Open up your browser, and view:

    This example will use the official todobackend frontend written in Backbone.js with your backend running locally.

Creating a keyspace example:

To create a keyspace, connect to your Cassandra installation with cqlsh and run: CREATE KEYSPACE "todolist" WITH replication = {'class': 'SimpleStrategy', 'replication_factor' : '1'};