Run the Liquibase CLI through an IBM UrbanCode Deploy plugin.
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Liquibase plug-in for IBM UrbanCode Deploy Build Status

Note: This is not the plug-in distributable! This is the source code. To find the installable plug-in, go to the plug-in page on the IBM UrbanCode Plug-ins microsite.


This plug-in is protected under the Eclipse Public 1.0 License


Liquibase is open source command line tool that run database deployment and rollbacks. It supports all major database types: DB2, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Sybase, Informix, etc. Liquibase uses database change log files to run all db commands (same strategy that DBUpgrader is using). Change logs can be described in many different formats. I usually prefer XMLs or SQLs. You can read about all Liquibase functionality here This plug-in enables you to utilize Liquibase's cli tool through IBM UrbanCode Deploy.


View the /doc folder for a details on the Liquibase plug-in's steps.


This plug-in is an open source project supported by the IBM UrbanCode Development Community. Installable plug-ins are available in the releases tab. Create a GitHub Issue or Pull Request for minor requests and bug fixes. Plug-ins built externally or modified with custom code are supported on a best-effort-basis using GitHub Issues.

Locally Build the Plug-in

This open source plug-in uses Gradle as its build tool. Install the latest version of Gradle to build the plug-in locally. Build the plug-in by running the gradle command in the plug-in's root directory. The plug-in distributable will be placed under the build/distributions folder.