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This is an open source project, and we appreciate your help!

We use the GitHub issue tracker to discuss new features and non-trivial bugs.

To contribute code, documentation, or tests, please submit a pull request to the GitHub repository. The pull request template includes a disclaimer based on the Developer's Certificate of Origin 1.1 and provides your assurance to the community that you wrote the code you are contributing or have the right to pass on the code that you are contributing.

Please follow the guidelines specified in MAINTAINERS before submitting your pull request.

Generally, we expect two maintainers to review your pull request before it is approved for merging. For more details, see the MAINTAINERS page.


Below is an (incomplete) list of people (in alphabetical order) who contributed to this project via code, tests, or documentation:

  • Vijay Arya
  • Rachel Bellamy
  • Pin-Yu Chen
  • Payel Das
  • Amit Dhurandar
  • Mike Hind
  • Samuel C. Hoffman
  • Stephanie Houde
  • Qingzi(Vera) Liao
  • Ronny Luss
  • Sameep Mehta
  • Saška Mojsilović
  • Sami Mourad
  • Pablo Pedemonte
  • John T. Richards
  • Prasanna Sattigeri
  • Karthikeyan Shanmugam
  • Moninder Singh
  • Animesh Singh
  • Kush Varshney
  • Dennis Wei
  • Yunfeng Zhang
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