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from __future__ import print_function
from aix360.algorithms.lwbe import LocalWBExplainer
from .CEM_aen import AEADEN
import random
import numpy as np
class CEMExplainer(LocalWBExplainer):
CEMExplainer can be used to compute contrastive explanations for image and tabular data.
This is achieved by finding what is minimally sufficient (PP - Pertinent Positive) and
what should be necessarily absent (PN - Pertinent Negative) to maintain the original classification.
We use elastic norm regularization to ensure minimality for both parts of the explanation
i.e. PPs and PNs. An autoencoder can optionally be used to make the explanations more realistic. [#]_
.. [#] `Amit Dhurandhar, Pin-Yu Chen, Ronny Luss, Chun-Chen Tu,
Paishun Ting, Karthikeyan Shanmugam, Payel Das, "Explanations based on
the Missing: Towards Contrastive Explanations with Pertinent Negatives,"
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS), 2018.
def __init__(self, model):
Constructor method, initializes the explainer
model: KerasClassifier model whose predictions needs to be explained
super(CEMExplainer, self).__init__()
self._wbmodel = model
def set_params(self, *argv, **kwargs):
Set parameters for the explainer.
def explain_instance(self, input_X,
arg_mode, AE_model, arg_kappa, arg_b,
arg_max_iter, arg_init_const, arg_beta, arg_gamma):
Explains an input instance input_X and returns contrastive explanations.
Note that this assumes that the classifier was trained with inputs normalized in [-0.5,0.5] range.
input_X (numpy.ndarray): input instance to be explained
arg_mode (str): 'PP' or 'PN'
AE_model: Auto-encoder model
arg_kappa (double): Confidence gap between desired class and other classes
arg_b (double): Number of different weightings of loss function to try
arg_max_iter (int): For each weighting of loss function number of iterations to search
arg_init_const (double): Initial weighting of loss function
arg_beta (double): Weighting of L1 loss
arg_gamma (double): Weighting of auto-encoder
* **adv_X** (`numpy ndarray`) -- Perturbed input instance for PP/PN
* **delta_X** (`numpy ndarray`) -- Difference between input and Perturbed instance
* **INFO** (`str`) -- Other information about PP/PN
(_, orig_class, orig_prob_str) = self._wbmodel.predict_long(input_X)
target_label = orig_class
target = np.array([np.eye(self._wbmodel._nb_classes)[target_label]])
# Hard coding batch_size=1
batch_size = 1
# Example: for MNIST (1, 28, 28, 1), for tabular (1, no of columns)
shape = input_X.shape
attack = AEADEN(self._wbmodel, shape,
mode=arg_mode, AE=AE_model, batch_size=batch_size,
kappa=arg_kappa, init_learning_rate=1e-2,
binary_search_steps=arg_b, max_iterations=arg_max_iter,
initial_const=arg_init_const, beta=arg_beta, gamma=arg_gamma)
adv_X = attack.attack(input_X, target)
adv_prob, adv_class, adv_prob_str = self._wbmodel.predict_long(adv_X)
delta_X = input_X - adv_X
_, delta_class, delta_prob_str = self._wbmodel.predict_long(delta_X)
INFO = "[INFO]kappa:{}, Orig class:{}, Perturbed class:{}, Delta class: {}, Orig prob:{}, Perturbed prob:{}, Delta prob:{}".format(
arg_kappa, orig_class, adv_class, delta_class, orig_prob_str, adv_prob_str, delta_prob_str)
return (adv_X, delta_X, INFO)
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