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@prb112 prb112 released this Jan 20, 2020 · 185 commits to master since this release

The public release for the IBM FHIR Server version 4.0.1 under the Apache 2.0 license. This version of the IBM FHIR Server supports HL7 FHIR Specification version v4.0.1.



  • _sort Search with Compartment fails due to unordered adding of parameters #590
  • In certain cases, _id and _lastUpdated search values are not added #577
  • UriBuilder returns invalid self/url #588
  • Source and Javadoc Jars are missing from BinTray for the 4.0.0 artifacts #572
  • ModelSupport is missing certain choice types
  • Windows
    • Address issue with following directions to install ibm-fhir on windows ... install.bat fails #557
    • FilePath Separator is hard coded for Linux in some tests #581
    • FileSystemException cannot access file Files.copy #579


  • Deduplicate the SearchParameter map #535
  • Allow to run the Server without TLS #331
  • Support multiple operations with the same code but different resource types #107
  • Improve Bulk Export for Patient/Group #107
  • Support processing JSON with unrecognized elements #318
    • fhirServer/core/handling config prop is replaced by fhirServer/core/defaultHandling and fhirServer/core/allowClientHandlingPref
  • Swagger/OpenApi
    • introduce examples to the Swagger/OpenAPI #536
    • specify charset for the swagger/openapi JsonWriter #584
  • Javadocs
    • Posted latest 4.0.1 Javadocs
    • Minor javadoc improvement for and
      1. added support for @throws javadoc annotation in CodeBuilder
      2. used this to add @throws documentation for and


  • Introduce executable flavor of fhir-persistence-schema and document usage #573
  • Introduce executable flavor of fhir-swagger-generator and document usage #564
  • Conditional read support #160
  • Support for the :missing modifier on positional search (near) #510
  • Initial draft of FHIR Validation Guide #565
  • End-to-end tests for Windows #562
  • Travis/GitHub Actions tag release automation #145
  • Javadoc Linting Automation

Using the Release

Download and install the artifact as described at

Executable jar files for the fhir-persistence-schema and fhir-swagger-generator projects are also available and usage is documented in the corresponding README files:

For Maven users, all project binaries are posted to BinTray with a version of 4.0.1.

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