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This IBM FHIR Server GitHub site uses Gatsby with the Carbon Theme to generate a static site.

You can access the source of the theme at

The site uses the following gatsby plugins:

The site supports mdx and md formatted files.

Building the Site

Execute the following steps:

1 - npm install - if prompted, install these plugins: npm install --save gatsby-plugin-manifest npm install --save gatsby-plugin-slug npm install --save gatsby-plugin-manifest

2 - gatsby build --prefix-paths

The build should output:

08:02:18-paulbastide@pauls-mbp:~/git/wffh/oct27/FHIR/docs$ gatsby build --prefix-paths
success open and validate gatsby-configs - 0.090 s
success load plugins - 1.701 s
success onPreInit - 0.017 s
success delete html and css files from previous builds - 0.019 s
success initialize cache - 0.031 s
success copy gatsby files - 0.080 s
success onPreBootstrap - 1.931 s
success source and transform nodes - 4.337 s
success building schema - 0.272 s
success createPages - 0.014 s
success createPagesStatefully - 1.165 s
success onPreExtractQueries - 0.014 s
success update schema - 0.071 s
success extract queries from components - 0.243 s
success write out requires - 0.017 s
success write out redirect data - 0.015 s
success Build manifest and related icons - 0.110 s
success Build manifest and related icons - 0.129 s
success onPostBootstrap - 0.268 s
info bootstrap finished - 15.674 s
success run static queries - 0.049 s — 6/6 187.18 queries/second
success Building production JavaScript and CSS bundles - 105.557 s
success Rewriting compilation hashes - 0.029 s
success run page queries - 0.087 s — 19/19 312.56 queries/second
success Building static HTML for pages - 21.400 s — 19/19 14.81 pages/second
info Done building in 142.923 sec

3 - gatsby serve (to check)

4 - on a different repo, copy the files from public/ over to the gh-pages branch at the root

5 - git add .

6 - git push

If you are editing files, I recommend cloning gatsby-theme-carbon repository, and editing locally.

Updating Components

  • Navigation (on left) Update the src/data/nav-items.yaml

  • Footer Update the src/gatsby-theme-carbon/components/Footer.js Only one column and content area used. (RIGHT column not used)

  • Header The custom header src/gatsby-theme-carbon/components/Header.js is in this file. This is the only one that should be edited.

The other files are theme.


Gatsby Theme: Carbon Gatsby Theme Carbon: Guides Carbon Design Carbon Theme Details MDX

FHIR® is the registered trademark of HL7 and is used with the permission of HL7.

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