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Build the FfDL Fashion MNIST Web App and push it on Kubernetes

The webapp is designed to take images that are uploaded, display them on the webpage, and show the names of the classes with the top 3 confidences. There is an accompanying word cloud where the size of the word is correlated to the frequency of the class being the number one choice for a picture.

  1. Go to the fashion-mnist-webapp directory, run the following commands to containerize your web application and push it to DockerHub.
cd fashion-mnist-webapp
docker build -t <your web app image name> .
docker push <your web app image name>
  1. Modify deployment resource from the template fashion-mnist-webapp.yaml. You need to set:
  • MODEL_ENDPOINT: Your Seldon model endpoint. (e.g. http://<AMBASSADOR_API_IP>/seldon/<Model_Deployment_Name>/api/v0.1/predictions) The AMBASSADOR_API_IP is your seldon-core-ambassador's service endpoint which by default is exposed with NodePort.
  • image : Your web app image at DockerHub
  1. Congratulations, your web app should be running now. You can use the following commands to check where your web app is hosted.
kubectl get svc fashion-mnist-webapp
# Your web app link is http://<Load_Balancer_IP>:8088


This web-app example is based on the Model Asset Exchange web-app example. (