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HIS Sample Data Collection Workflow
IBM Platform for Apache Spark Workflow Add workflow to the end of the Apache and Tiering directories Aug 11, 2017
IzODA Workflows Update Nov 1, 2018
Tailored Fit Pricing for IBM Z Workflow Delete Jan 8, 2020
Transparent Cloud Tiering Workflow Add workflow to the end of the Apache and Tiering directories Aug 11, 2017
XCF Workflows - Upgrading a CF Update Dec 11, 2017
z13 Workflow Refreshed the feedback file for z13. Jul 15, 2019
zOS V2.2 Migration Workflow updated readme Aug 24, 2018
zOS V2.3 Migration Workflow Merge pull request #89 from marnawalle/master Jan 7, 2019
zOS V2.4 Upgrade Workflow Made exported links more obvious Oct 22, 2019
zOS z14 Workflow Update Apr 10, 2018
zOS z15 Workflow Made exported workflow link more obvious Oct 22, 2019
zEDC Express Workflow - update.xml Re-added the missing zEDC configuration workflow May 10, 2019

z/OSMF workflows for the z/OS platform

This repository contains workflow definitions (XML files) that can be used with the Workflows task of the z/OS Management Facility (z/OSMF).

In z/OSMF, a workflow is a guided set of steps that help you perform an activity on z/OS®, such as configuring a software product, managing a z/OS resource, or simplifying some relatively complex operation. To support these activities, a workflow can be designed to perform a wide variety of operations, such as starting z/OS subsystems, submitting jobs and scripts, and invoking TSO/E functions.

There are no warranties of any kind, and there is no service or technical support available for these materials from IBM. As a recommended practice, review carefully any materials that you download from this site before using them on a live system.

Though the materials provided herein are not supported by the IBM Service organization, your comments are welcomed by the developers, who reserve the right to revise or remove the materials at any time. To report a problem, or provide feedback, contact

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