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WARNING: This repository is no longer maintained ⚠️ This repository will not be updated. The repository will be kept available in read-only mode. Refer to for a similar example.
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IoT Asset Tracking using a Hyperledger Blockchain

WARNING: This repository is no longer maintained ⚠️

This repository, which contains assets to run a Hyperledger Composer application, is not being actively maintained due to a shift to focus on Hyperledger Fabric. This repository will not be updated. The repository will be kept available in read-only mode. Refer to for a similar example.


This repository contains three sections which assemble an IoT Asset Tracking device, Hyperledger Blockchain and a Node-RED Dashboard to implement a perishable network supply chain. This example can be used to track environmental conditions for a food safety supply chain, refrigerated medical supplies, garden plant shipments or any perishable shipment that are temperature / humidity / vibration / time sensitive. If a cargo needs to be delivered within safe environmental parameters and time, the use of an IoT Asset Tracking device that combines environmental sensors, calculates its location via GPS, triangulation or beacons, and then reports its location via Cellular, 5G, Sub1GHz, SigFox, WiFi networks is extremely valuable. When multiple participants - farms, manufacturers, processing plants, trucks, ports, ships, distribution centers, consumer retail outlets - are involved in the safe shipment and payment of the cargo, a Hyperledger Blockchain can be used to record immutable transactions as the cargo shipment progresses through its delivery journey.


I've arranged this git repository to be read as an IBM Code Pattern workshop tutorial. Follow the steps in the Workshop directory to learn how to build one yourself!

Section Overviews

The first section details how to set up a Particle Electron Asset Tracker v2 to send environmental sensor data and location to the cloud. This implementation uses a Particle Electron but many other IoT Asset Tracking devices that can transmit location and data can be substituted with similar results. Subsequent revisions of this workshop tutorial will add other IoT Asset Tracking boards so check back in the future.

The second section implements a Perishable Business Network using Hyperledger Fabric, Hyperledger Composer, Hyperledger Composer REST APIs running in the IBM Cloud Container Service managed by a Kubernetes cluster in the IBM Cloud.

In the third section, the power of Where, What and When is best visualized in a dashboard that plots the geo location path, the environmental sensor data and can control triggers and alerts. I use Node-RED and a Node.js server running in an IBM Cloud hosted Cloud Foundry application to receive the IoT Asset Tracking data and write it to the Hyperledger Fabric using Hyperledger Composer REST APIs. I also use a Node-RED Dashboard to plot the shipment on a map.

Enjoy! Give me feedback if you have suggestions on how to improve this tutorial.


This code pattern is licensed under the Apache Software License, Version 2. Separate third party code objects invoked within this code pattern are licensed by their respective providers pursuant to their own separate licenses. Contributions are subject to the Developer Certificate of Origin, Version 1.1 (DCO) and the Apache Software License, Version 2.

Apache Software License (ASL) FAQ

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