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Backwork plug-in for Softlayer uploads.
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backwork-upload-softlayer Build Status PyPI version

Add support for SoftLayer uploads on backwork.


You can use pip to install this plug-in:

$ pip install backwork-upload-softlayer


After installing the plug-in you will be able to use the upload softlayer command on backwork.

$ backwork upload softlayer --help
usage: backwork upload softlayer [-h] [-u USERNAME] [-p API_KEY]
                                [-d DATACENTER] [-c CONTAINER]
                                [local_path] remote_path

Upload a file to Softlayer ObjectStorage.

positional arguments:
  local_path            path in the local file system of the file to be
  remote_path           path on Softlayer ObjectStorage container where the
                        file will be stored

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u USERNAME, --username USERNAME
                        username for Softlayer ObjectStorage API
  -p API_KEY, --api-key API_KEY
                        api key for Softlayer ObjectStorage API
  -d DATACENTER, --datacenter DATACENTER
                        datacenter where the file will be stored
  -c CONTAINER, --container CONTAINER
                        target container
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