Blue Cloud Mirror - IBM Cloud Technology Showcase
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Blue Cloud Mirror - IBM Cloud Technology Showcase

This project contains a game where players need to show five specific emotions and do five specific poses in two levels. The fastest player wins. The game uses various key cloud technologies to demonstrate the value of a diverse, interconnected system, with both public and private cloud environments.

Play the Game.

Here is an example of a successful game:

alt text

Showcase of IBM Cloud Technologies

The game utilizes various key IBM Cloud technologies to demonstrate the value of the IBM Cloud. There are three main parts:

  • Core game: Implemented as serverless web application since it is primarily used during conferences only
  • Users service: Implemented via IBM Cloud Private to avoid storing personal data in a public cloud
  • Scores service: Implemented via Cloud Foundry Enterprise Edition to highlight easy changes via the ‘cf push experience’ (for example theme adoptions for different conferences)

Note: In order to allow developers to easily set up the game with an IBM Cloud Lite account, this project contains documentation how to use Cloud Foundry Publication Applications rather than Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment and how to use Minikube rather than IBM Cloud Private.

The following diagram shows the key components that are used in this project. More diagrams, including a diagram showing IBM Cloud Private and Cloud Foundry Enterprise Environment, can be found in the images folder.

alt text

This is a list of used technologies:


Documentation and Articles


In the easiest case the game can be set up on a local machine in less than five minutes. In this case only the game web application is run without being able to register users and having highscores. To set up the game locally, invoke the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd blue-cloud-mirror/game
$ yarn install
$ yarn run serve

The full setup includes IBM Cloud Functions, Cloud Foundry and an on-premises environment. Please refer to the instructions of the three main components:


For all three components, you need the following prerequisites.

Create an IBM Cloud lite account (free, no credit card required):

Make sure you have the following tools installed:

Local Environment Setup

Invoke the following commands:

$ git clone
$ cd visual-recognition-demo/
$ ibmcloud login
$ ibmcloud target --cf
$ ibmcloud iam api-key-create emotion-recognition-application \
  -d "emotion-recognition-application" \
  --file emotion-recognition-application.json
$ cat emotion-recognition-application.json
$ cp template.local.env local.env

In local.env define 'IBMCLOUD_API_KEY', 'IBMCLOUD_ORG', 'IBMCLOUD_SPACE' and 'BLUEMIX_REGION' to match the apikey in emotion-recognition-application.json and the org, space and region name that you're using (see the outputs in your terminal when following the steps above).