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Functions API

Back to setup scores and webapp overview


  • Setup the functions API

Take 4 minutes and have a look in the YouTube video: How to setup the scores functions api? You Tube Setup

Services used

  • Cloud Functions
  • Lite API Management


The functions API is our serverless approach to secure the service API or directly the scores service. Later it will be possible integrate with the APP ID service to secure the access to the API with a OOTB user login.

At the moment the IBM Lite API management exposes the APIs, which are implemented with actions or sequences inside IBM Functions. IBM Functions is based on Apache OpenWhisk.

Inside the actions, the access to the service API or direclty to scores service is enabled and can be configured. The actions will contain the auth information for each of them, depending on your configuration.

In the following image you can see the dependencies of scores service, service API and functions API.

The focus is only on the functions API.

You have two options in the setup configuration for the functions api.

  • Option 1: Using the service API

    scores functions api option 1

  • Option 2: Using the scores service

    scores functions api option 2

Setup the scores functions API on IBM Cloud

The setup is automated in a bash script. You need a IBM Cloud account and an IBM platform key. This in an overview of the steps to follow.

  1. Get IBM platform key
  2. Configurations for bash script automation
  3. Options for the API usage in the functions API
  4. Enable the bash script for automation
  5. Execute the bash script and deploy the scores functions api
  6. Verify the setup on IBM Cloud
  7. Change the actions to each API call
  8. Save the needed data for the WebApp and Game configuration

1. Get IBM platform key

Note: You don't have to do this step, if you already have an IBM platform key.

  1. Logon to IBM Cloud use the "us-south" Region with the API endpoint.
ibmcloud login -a
  1. Create a IBM platform for your API key and name it (example my-ibmplatform-key) and provide a filename (example my-ibmplatform-key-key_file).
ibmcloud iam api-key-create my-ibmplatform-key -d "This is my API key to access the IBM platform" --file my-ibmplatform-key-key_file

Leave your terminal open.

2. Configurations for bash script automation

  1. Open the file [YOUR-ROOT]bluecloudmirror/scores/scores.local.root.env. This file contains environment variables.

  2. Insert the needed values for the following entries and do not change the rest.

    Important for the setup:

    • Resource Group is case sensitive depending on your system you have to change d efault** to D efault.

    Login relevant:

    • IBMCLOUD_RESOURCE_GROUP="default" # or "Default"

    Cloud Foundry Apps and services relevant:


    Functions API


Options for the API usage in the functions API

You can set two options for the API usage.

  • Usage of the pure scores-service
  • Usage of the API defined with API Connect scores-service-api

This is the environment variable: IBMCLOUD_FUNCTIONS_API_TYPE:


  • "SCORES_SERVICE" == use the pure scores service in the functions API
  • "SCORES_SERVICE_API" == use API defined with API Connect scores service API




  1. To use the service api ensure these environment variables are set for the service-api. Note: You shoud have configured them in the chapter service api.

Important for the setup:

  • API Connect URL (score-service-api) must end with YOUR_URL /.
  1. To use the pure scores service ensure these environment variables are set for the scores service. Note: You shoud have configured them in the chapter scores service.
* IBMCLOUD_CF_APP_SERVICE_NAME="bluecloudmirror-scores-service- **YOUR_NAME** "

3. Enable the bash script for automation

Return to your open terminal.

cd [YOUR-ROOT]/bluecloudmirror/scores/functions-api
chmod u+x *.sh

4. Execute the bash script and deploy the scores functions api

This bash script will deploy the scores functions api. It uses the IBM Functions based on Open Whisk and IBM Lite API Management. It creates actions, sequences and a api.

The bash script shows the execution steps. Some steps do take time, be patient.

After the excution you can find a log file in the this folder. The log is called ibmcloud-create-functions-api.log. This log contains detailed information about the execution.


Here is a sample output of the bash scipt.

Login to IBM Cloud

_set -o

_save functions env information
_current wsk namespace is _.
_current wsk api host is
_current wsk authorization is a111cf2:Hjyj.
_save score service env information
_scores user admin.
_scores password a12345678.
_scores url
Login end


_creating package scores-functions-api
_adding parameter to package scores-functions-api
_list parameter
_creating actions
_creating action sequence
_creating API
_setup text-replace
__copy API Definition
__replace PACKAGE_NAME with scores-functions-api
__replace OPENWHISK_API with

Install Complete

5. Verify the setup on IBM Cloud

  1. Login to IBM Cloud

  2. Open Functions


  1. Select Actions in the navigation at the left hand side and verify the region "DALLAS" and select the same space which is used for the Cloud Foundry App. Here you can see the installed actions and sequences.


  1. Press API. Here you can find the list of APIs used in your Cloud Foundry space with Functions. Click on the API link you can see in the list.


  1. Here you can see a overview


  1. Choose Definition

Here you can see the uploaded API configuration. In Path you can find the API calls with the related Actions. At the moment all related actions are sequences.


6. Change the actions to each API call

For the later usage for the API Explorer we need to change the binded actions in the operations for the functions API. The reason is that the uploaded API imformation does contain older auth information from older action instances.

  1. Change the used sequences for each API call, by using edit operation.


  1. Now replace each sequence with the concrete action.


  1. After the change it should look like this and you can explpore the API definition. Save this configuration.


  1. Because of the delete sequence containing the minimal secured delete of score values, you must change back to the usage of the sequenscore-functions-API_listScore and save.

7. Save the needed data for the WebApp and Game configuration

High Scores relevant

  1. Select Summary in the API navigation tree. Here you can copy the Route URL.


  1. Insert the Route URL into the [YOUR-ROOT]bluecloudmirror/scores/scores.local.root.env file.

Game relevant

  1. Select Explore in the API navigation tree and point to the postAddscore operation.


  1. Choose try in API defintion and copy the curl statement


curl --request POST \ --url \ --header 'accept: application/json' \ --header 'content-type: application/json' \ --data '{"id":4864513159462912}'
  1. Insert the api call in the Game App configuration file [YOUR-ROOT]/bluecloudmirror/local.env and save the file.

Example API call for addscore:

  • API_USERS=users-url-not-defined

Now you can use the Users functions API in your Game App. :-)

Move on to the next step webapp !

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