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Scores service

Back to setup scores and webapp overview #


  • Setup the scores service

Take 3 minutes and have a look in the YouTube video: How to setup the scores service api? You Tube Setup

Services used

  • Cloud Foundry Apps Node.js Buildpack
  • Cloudant


The scores service is implemented as an Node.js server. This service provides REST calls. The API Management for the REST calls is realized in the score service API and the functions API.

The service is storing the score data in the nosql database Cloudant.

In the following image you can see the dependencies of scores service, service API and functions API.

The focus is only on the scores service.




architecture detail

  • For the binding to the Cloud Foundry App a Cloud Foundry service alias is needed.

  • Scores service UI

    The UI provides access to the REST calls from the scores service. Each REST call is secured by user and password auth.

  • Scores service REST calls

    • Setup the database
    • Search for scores
    • Get the high score
    • Get the score list
    • Add a score value
    • Delete a score value
  • Later exposed REST calls in the scores API and functions API

    • Get the score list
    • Add a score value
    • Delete a score value

Setup the score service on IBM Cloud

The setup is mostly automated in bash scripts. You need a IBM Cloud account and an IBM platform key.

This is an overview of the steps you have to follow.

  1. Get IBM platform key
  2. Configurations for bash script automation
  3. Enable the bash script for automation
  4. Now execute the bash script and deploy the scores service
  5. Verify the setup on IBM Cloud
  6. The score-service ui

1. Get IBM platform key

Note: You don't have to do this step, if you already have an IBM platform key.

Logon to IBM Cloud and use the "us-south" Region with the API endpoint.

ibmcloud login -a

Create a IBM platform for your API key and name it (example my-ibmplatform-key) and provide a filename (example my-ibmplatform-key-key_file).

ibmcloud iam api-key-create my-ibmplatform-key -d "This is my API key to access the IBM platform" --file my-ibmplatform-key-key_file

Leave your terminal open.

2. Configurations for bash script automation

  1. Open the file [YOUR-ROOT]bluecloudmirror/scores/scores.local.root.env. This file contains environment variables.

  2. Insert the needed values for following entries and do not change the rest.

    Important for the setup:

    • Resource Group is case sensitive depending on your system you have to change d efault** to D efault. Login relevant:

      • IBMCLOUD_RESOURCE_GROUP="default" # or "Default"

    Cloud Foundry Apps and services relevant:

    • IBMCLOUD_CF_APP_SERVICE_NAME="bluecloudmirror-scores-service-[YOUR_NAME]"

3. Enable the bash script for automation

Return to your open terminal.

cd [YOUR-ROOT]/bluecloudmirror/scores/service
cd ./deploy-apps
chmod u+x *.sh

4. Now execute the bash script and deploy the scores service

This bash script will deploy the scores service as a Cloud Foundry app. It will create a Cloudant service and bind the service to the scores service app.

The bash script shows the execution steps. Some steps do take time, be patient.

After the execution you can find a log file in the ./deploy_apps folder. The log is called ibmcloud-deploy-service-to-cf. This log contains detailed information about the deployment.

Execute the bash script.


Sample output of the bash

1. Login to IBM Cloud

_set -o
_set -s 99-BLUECLOUDMIRROR-SHOWCASE -g default

Login end

2. Create scores cloudant DB start

_create bluecloudmirror-scores-service-db-alias
_create bluecloudmirror-scores-service-db-key
_get credentials
_create database
_upload view
_upload search index
_upload sample data

Create scores cloudant DB end

3. Deploy service start

_npm install
_bower install
_show existing spaces
_show existing apps
_push bluecloudmirror-scores-service-tsuedbro
_create binding
_restage binding bluecloudmirror-scores-service-tsuedbro
_application has been deployed 

Deploy service end

Now the score service is ready to be used.

5. Verify the setup on IBM Cloud

Login to IBM Cloud and verify the setup.

  1. Login
  2. Open Resource List
  3. Type "blue" in the Name search field
  4. Verify the entries in the resource list:


6. The score-service ui

After the execution you can open the URL:https://bluecloudmirror-score-service- [YOUR_NAME] and access the score-service ui.


Move on to the next step service-api !

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