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root_folder=$(cd $(dirname $0); cd ..; pwd)
exec 3>&1
function login() {
eval $(minishift docker-env)
oc login -u developer -p developer
docker login -u developer -p $(oc whoami -t) $(minishift openshift registry)
oc project cloud-native-starter
function _out() {
echo "$(date +'%F %H:%M:%S') $@"
function setup() {
_out Deploying authors-nodejs
cd ${root_folder}/authors-nodejs
# Delete existing (first oc delete all typically fails to delete the pod)
oc delete all -l app=authors --ignore-not-found
oc delete all -l app=authors --ignore-not-found
oc delete -f deployment/istio.yaml --ignore-not-found
# Create Docker Image and push to registry
sed -e "s|<URL>|local|g" -e "s|<DB>|local|g" config.json.template > config.json
eval $(minishift docker-env)
docker login -u admin -p $(oc whoami -t) $(minishift openshift registry)
imagestream=$(minishift openshift registry)/cloud-native-starter/authors:1
docker build -f Dockerfile -t authors:1 .
docker tag authors:1 $imagestream
docker push $imagestream
# Deploy
cd ${root_folder}/authors-nodejs/deployment
sed -e "s|<URL>|local|g" -e "s|<DB>|local|g" -e "s|authors:1|$imagestream|g" deployment.yaml.template > deployment-minishift.yaml
oc apply -f deployment-minishift.yaml
oc expose svc/authors
oc apply -f istio.yaml
_out Done deploying authors-nodejs
_out Wait until the pod has been started: "oc get pod --watch | grep authors"
_out Sample request: curl http://$(oc get route authors -o jsonpath={})/api/v1/getauthor?name=Harald%20Uebele
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