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root_folder=$(cd $(dirname $0); cd ..; pwd)
exec 3>&1
function login() {
eval $(minishift docker-env)
oc login -u developer -p developer
docker login -u developer -p $(oc whoami -t) $(minishift openshift registry)
oc project cloud-native-starter
function _out() {
echo "$(date +'%F %H:%M:%S') $@"
function configureVUEminikubeIP(){
cd ${root_folder}/web-app-vuejs/src
_out configure API endpoint in web-app
istioingress=istio-ingressgateway-istio-system.$(minishift ip)
rm "store.js"
sed "s/endpoint-api-ip:31380/$istioingress/g" store.js.template > store.js
cd ${root_folder}/web-app-vuejs
function setup() {
_out Deploying web-app
cd ${root_folder}/web-app-vuejs
oc delete all -l app=web-app --ignore-not-found
oc delete pod -l app=web-app --ignore-not-found
oc delete pod web-app-1-build --ignore-not-found
oc delete istag web-app:latest --ignore-not-found
oc delete -f deployment/istio.yaml --ignore-not-found
oc new-build --name web-app --binary --strategy docker -l app=web-app
oc start-build web-app --from-dir=.
cd ${root_folder}/web-app-vuejs/deployment
sed "s+web-app:1+$(minishift openshift registry)/cloud-native-starter/web-app:latest+g" kubernetes.yaml > kubernetes-minishift.yaml
oc apply -f kubernetes-minishift.yaml
oc apply -f istio.yaml
oc expose svc/web-app
_out Done deploying web-app
_out The build will take a while. Check with "oc get pod --watch | grep web-app"
_out There will be 2 pods.
_out The pod web-app-1-build must reach status Completed first.
_out Until then the pod web-app-xxxxxxxxx-yyyyy will be in status ImagePullBackOff or ErrImagePull.
_out Once it is Running, access via http://$(oc get route web-app -o jsonpath={})
_out But it will NOT display content until you deploy the Istio Ingress configuration next for full functionality!
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