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root_folder=$(cd $(dirname $0); cd ..; pwd)
exec 3>&1
function _out() {
echo "$(date +'%F %H:%M:%S') $@"
function setup() {
_out Installing Kafka
# If project kafka doesn't exist, create it
oc project kafka > /dev/null 2>&1
if [ $? != 0 ]; then
oc new-project kafka
curl -L \
| sed 's/namespace: .*/namespace: kafka/' \
| oc apply -f - -n kafka
oc apply -f ${root_folder}/scripts/kafka-cluster.yaml -n kafka
_out Done installing Kafka
_out Wait until the pods have been started
_out Run this command \(potentially multiple times\): \"oc wait kafka/my-cluster --for=condition=Ready --timeout=300s -n kafka\"
_out After this run \"sh os4-scripts/\" to get the Kafka broker URL
source ${root_folder}/os4-scripts/
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