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Accelerating Antimicrobial Discovery with Controllable Deep Generative Models and Molecular Dynamics

This work will be published in Nature Biomedical Engineering on March 11, 2021


De novo therapeutic design is challenged by a vast chemical repertoire and multiple constraints, e.g., high broad-spectrum potency and low toxicity. This project proposes CLaSS (Controlled Latent attribute Space Sampling) - an efficient computational method for attribute-controlled generation of molecules, which leverages guidance from classifiers trained on an informative latent space of molecules modeled using a deep generative autoencoder. We screen the generated molecules for additional key attributes by using deep learning classifiers in conjunction with novel features derived from atomistic simulations.


  • The amp_gen.yml lists are the required dependencies for the project.
  • Use amp_gen.yml to create your own conda environment to run this project. Command: conda-env create -f amp_gen.yml


Phase 1: Autoencoder (VAE/WAE) Training

  • ./ This will run with default config from Since cfg.runname=default the output goes to output/default and tb/default.
  • python --tiny 1 for fast testing with default config file.
  • Additionally, one could explicitly run the individual scripts as follows:
    • python --phase 1

    • python --config_json output/dir/config_overrides.json

Phase 2: CLaSS (Controlled Latent attribute Space Sampling)

  • python --config_json output/default/config_overrides.json --samples_outfn_prefix samples --Q_select_amppos 0


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