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Disaster Donations Website

In this code pattern, we will create a disaster donations website using a node.js Express app, and a python backend app (exposing a RESTful API). The website presents an interface to learn about the latest news after a natural disater, and allows the reader to donate to the cause. Since this credit card data being accepted is sensitive, we recommend running it in an environment where it's protect, through storage encryption, and other mechanisms.

The website consists of a frontend and backend. The frontend is a node.js Express app, serving the site itself. The donations page has AJAX calls into the backend application. This backend application is a python app, taking in RESTful JSON requests, and translating to MongoDB calls.

When you have completed this code pattern, you will understand how to:

  • Create and run a simple node.js application
  • Install the prerequisites and run a python backend application
  • Use Docker to build and run containerised applications
  • (Optional) Deploy an nginx reverse proxy


The frontend and backend applications can both be run locally, or in the IBM Cloud in a Linux VM, for example an IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Virtual Server.

Follow the steps in the readme files for the

Sample output

A website will be functional and served by the machine you're running this code pattern on:



This code pattern is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2. Separate third-party code objects invoked within this code pattern are licensed by their respective providers pursuant to their own separate licenses. Contributions are subject to the Developer Certificate of Origin, Version 1.1 and the Apache License, Version 2.

Apache License FAQ