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Infrastructure monitoring dashboard for Red Hat Gluster Storage (GlusterFS) network file system.
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Gluster Monitoring-Dashboard

Infrastructure monitoring dashboard for Red Hat Gluster Storage (GlusterFS) network file system.

This project is separated into 3 parts: the backend, the frontend, and a helm chart to automatically install the dashboard to Kubernetes Cluster.


  • Backend
    • Setup a MongoDB instance (with authentication)
    • Set Environment variable MONGODB_SERVICE <- The hostname of your MongoDB instance (default 'localhost')
    • Set Environment variable MONGODB_USER
    • Set Environment variable MONGODB_PASSWORD
    • Set Environment variable BEARER_SECRET (default: 'glusterSecret')
    • set Environment variable REGISTRATION_SECRET (default: 'glusterSecret')
    • Deploy the backend file using npm run start or node src/app.js
  • Frontend
    • Set Environment variable BACKEND_HOSTNAME (default: 'localhost')
    • Set Environment variable REGISTRATION_SECRET <- Same as the REGISTRATION_SECRET in the Backend
  • GlusterCluster
    • Run yum install -y glusterfs-api
    • Run yum install -y glusterfs-events
    • Run systemctl enable glustereventsd
    • Run systemctl start glustereventsd
    • Check the status with gluster-eventsapi status
    • Add your backend with gluster-eventsapi webhook-add --bearer_token BEARER_TOKEN BACKEND_HOSTNAME <- BEARER_TOKEN will be generated and printed to the console the first time you run the backend, BACKEND_HOSTNAME is the hostname of your backend
    • For more documentation check here:
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