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IBM i Open Source "General" issue tracker

Issue tracker for open source technology on IBM i

This repository is built to provide a community issue tracker for all things open source on IBM i.

➡️Click here to open an issue. ⬅️

What issues should be submitted here?

This issue tracker can be used for pretty much anything related to open source on IBM i (though note the expectations below).

In general, it is recommended that you open issues to the appropriate project related to your issue. For instance, issues with the Node.js runtime can be submitted to the Node.js GitHub repository, or issues with the idb-pconnector modules can be opened against that module's repo. Also, issues with basic installation of RPM packages or the Access Client Solutions product can be handled (perhaps more efficiently) through an active Software Maintenance Agreement (SWMA) and an IBM Support ticket.

Don't worry. If you aren't sure where to submit your issue, you can always start here!

Expectations for submitted issues

This issue tracker is not designed to be the point of resolution for all issues. It is also not designed to be an alternative to the premium open source support that is available. Customers with an open source support subscription in place are given priority by IBM.

When an issue is submitted, the IBM team may help to resolve your issue in a number of ways, including but not limited to:

  • Request to open the issue against another repository or project (when possible, the IBM team may do this for you)
  • Request to open an RFE
  • Closure due to permanent restriction, submitter inactivity, "working as designed" scenarios, etc.
  • Direct resolution in the issue
  • Request to file the issue through IBM Support


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