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Identity and social proof serverlessly via IPFS

Create an online identity peer 2 peer, generate proof(s) that can be validated by peers to verify your identity. No walled garden neccesary.

Warning: alpha software with alpha dependencies

THIS IS VERY MUCH A Work In Progress


  • js-ipfs (browser mode)
  • node.js 10
  • Chrome / Firefox

First time install & launch client

  • git clone / fork this repo
  • copy src/example-auth.js to src/auth.js
  • edit the githubToken property to be a READ-ONLY personal GH token, see: github tokens
  • npm run make
  • Subsequent runs:
  • npm run client

Build Bundle

  • npm run bundle
  • This will produce a bundle one can consume in a web/electron app at bundle.js

Example client Identity DApp: Autonomica

Identity management & peer discovery

Alt Identity


  • See (preliminary plan & ideas scratchpad)