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Developing a Custom Kui Client

To develop a custom Kui client, you have two choices. First, you may fork this repository and populate e.g. clients/my-client, using the default client as a starting point. Second, you may develop your client externally to this repository.

Developing a client within the Kui repo

If you go this route, you can add plugins of your own by placing them in the top-level plugins directory. It will be more difficult for you to exclude the plugins that are part of this repository; there is currently no way to selectively exclude these plugins. To build clients in this "monorepo" mode, and assuming you have already cloned-and-owned the default client: see Packaging up Kui.

Developing a client externally

The advantage of developing your client externally to the main Kui repository lies in the power you have to pick and choose the plugins, and plugin versions, you would like to be part of your client. For example, if you would like to include only the kubernetes plugin, and bundle some of our own plugins on top, this is an easy possibility:

mkdir my-client && cd my-client
npm init -y
npm install --save-dev @kui-shell/builder
npm install --save @kui-shell/core
npm install --save @kui-shell/plugin-k8s
npx kui-init

These are all one-time tasks. If you would like to add or delete plugins in the future, or pin versions of these, you would use normal npm commands to manage the node modules. After this initial setup step, you are ready to build your clients:

npx kui-build-headless
npx kui-build-electron
npx kui-build-webpack

As above, you needn't build all three flavors of clients; this example is intended to enumerate the commands.

Next Step: Customize!

Now that you have made a decision on how to develop a custom Kui client, you are ready to begin making customization choices. For more information on customizing your client, please consult the customization guide.

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