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Service Catalog

This is a collection of materials intended to educate about the use of Service Catalog, a Kubernetes extension project that implements the Open Service Broker API. This allows cloud application developers to easily provision web services and connect them to their application.


The presentation section contains a slide deck covering the use case for OSBAPI, as well as an overview of the interface between a cloud platform and an OSB broker. It then covers the details of Service-Catalog, the Kube implementation of OSBAPI. This is intended to be used at a one hour introductory presentation session, such as a Meetup or similar.


The workshop section contains materials for several guided-walkthroughs of running a Guestbook deployment on Kubernetes, first as a stand alone application storing state in-memory, and then progressing through various ways of automating and simplfying the provision and attachment of a Redis backing store. It details how to manually provsion and attach a Redis backing store, how to use a Kube secret to contain these manually created credentials, the deployment and registering of an OSB broker with Service Catalog, and finally the use of that broker to provision and bind a Redis service instance to your Guestbook application.

The various walkthroughs and demos of this repository can be used with a free-tier IBM Cloud account, so they can be done without the need to locally deploy and manage a Kubernetes cluster.