Spec, examples, and tools for the IBMQASM language
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Specs, examples and tools for the IBMQASM language.

Current version

The latest version is: 2.0

About this project

On this repository you'll find all the documentation related to the IBMQASM in PDF, including the sources to generate it. Also some useful IBMQASM examples.

Language specs

The language documentation is available under the spec folder.


The examples can be found under the examples folder.

They are QASM files, i.e.:

// Repetition code syndrome measurement
include "qelib1.inc";
qreg q[3];
qreg a[2];
creg c[3];
creg syn[2];
gate syndrome d1,d2,d3,a1,a2 
  cx d1,a1; cx d2,a1; 
  cx d2,a2; cx d3,a2; 
x q[0]; // error
barrier q;
syndrome q[0],q[1],q[2],a[0],a[1];
measure a -> syn;
if(syn==1) x q[0];
if(syn==2) x q[2];
if(syn==3) x q[1];
measure q -> c;


  • Andrew W. Cross
  • Lev S. Bishop
  • John A. Smolin
  • Jay M. Gambetta


This project is licensed under the Apache License 2.0 - see the LICENSE file for details