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Example application using a periodic consistent region. The application 
counts how many times a word occurs in an input file (dara/loremIpsum.txt).
The word count is reported every time the counter operator (WordCount)
processes 25 tuples.

The application uses only operators available in the SPL Standard toolkit. The
example includes a fault injection operator named CrashAtTuple. This operator 
optionally crashes itself after processing a certain number of tuples. When 
the application does not use consistent regions and a crash occurs, tuples are
lost and the word count is incomplete. When using consistent regions, tuples
are replayed upon a failure and operator state is restored to the last 
successfully established consistent state, resulting in an exact word count 
(i.e., as if no failures had occurred). 

To run the application do the following:

1. Set the Streams Checkpoint backend related properties. The example below uses
the file system as the checkpoint backend.
  $ streamtool setproperty instance.checkpointRepository=fileSystem -d YOUR_DOMAIN_ID_HERE -i YOUR_INSTANCE_ID_HERE
  $ streamtool setproperty instance.checkpointRepositoryConfiguration={\"Dir\":\"/your/checkpoint/directory/here/\"}
2. Compile the application
  $ make
3. Submit the job injecting failures
  $ streamtool submitjob output/Main.adl -P crash=1 -d YOUR_DOMAIN_ID_HERE -i YOUR_INSTANCE_ID_HERE
4. After the result file data/result.dat has 20 lines, compare it with the expected output without failures. There should be no difference between the files.
  $ diff data/result.dat result.dat.exp

For more details on how consistent regions work, please check out the blog post at http://developer.ibm.com/streamsdev/2015/02/20/processing-tuples-least-infosphere-streams-consistent-regions/.