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This toolkit is focused on interacting with popular messaging systems such as Kafka, JMS, XMS, and MQTT.
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schulz2 Update of Paho MQTT library and version bump (issue #358)
- Update to latest snapshot version (v1.2.1) of Paho MQTT library,
because of a reportet vulnerability.
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README -- IBMStreams/streamsx.messaging

The IBMStreams/streamsx.messaging toolkit project is an open source Streams toolkit project focused on the development of operators and functions that extend IBM InfoSphere Streams ability to interact with messaging systems.

Messaging Toolkit v5.1 is offically released to support InfoSphere Streams v4.2:

This toolkit contains support for:

  • Kafka
  • RabbitMQ
  • JMS
  • MQTT
  • XMS

Check out our SPLDOC here:

To get started with working with this toolkit:

To learn more about Streams:


The support for RabbitMQ, Kafka, and MQTT in this toolkit is deprecated. For these types of messaging systems, use one of the following specialized open source toolkits:

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