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A new procedure was proposed at the 2014 SCRS 16 for the ICCAT Software Catalogue based on the Science Strategic Plan for 2015-2020.

The first step was to solicit the views of the rapporteurs and software developers via a questionnaire. This was then summarised for the 2016 SCRS, see

The catalogue has now been moved to this githib repository see The latest version of ASPIC has been placed in the repository as a test case As agreed at the SCRS the next step was for rapporteurs to review the entry for ASPIC and use it as a template for updating the catalogue. Then for rapporteurs of stock assessment WGs to solicit volunteers to add other software to the catalogue.

The various software packages have also been placed on a github repository, if the source code is available, see VPA2Box for example

See for a quick introduction to the use of github.

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