This GitHub repository is dedicated for assigning/tracking data transfer jobs migrating PCAWG data from GNOS to Amazon S3. No software code should be added here.
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This GitHub repository is dedicated for assigning/tracking data transfer jobs migrating PCAWG data from GNOS to Amazon S3. No software code should be added here.

For an overview of how this related to the overall S3 upload effort see the Functional Spec. This repo is refered to there as the "Git Order System".

Note that all folders mentioned below are under s3-transfer-operations of the current repo.


Queue Information

s3-transfer-jobs-prod1: For BAM files, consumed by m1.xlarge (4x420 GB Disk) worker instances.

s3-transfer-jobs-prod2: For VCF files, consumed by m1.small (120 GB Disk) worker instances.

s3-transfer-jobs-staging: For testing, do not schedule general tasks here.

Major steps

  • bulk generation script that queries the ES index on, metadata service (to get object IDs) and a project whitelist from the orchestrator (Junjun for the bulk script, Christina for project whitelist. Should start with Santa Cruz items).
    • generates JSON files in bulk and check into this GitHub repo under backlog-jobs
    • orchestrator examines the backlog JSON in backlog-jobs, moves high priority jobs to queued-jobs
  • the Launcher VM periodically runs a script that checks out this git repo, loops over jobs in queued-jobs, and enqueues them into the workflow order queue system, any previously queued, running, finished, or failed are ignored
    • JSON files should be sorted ascendingly, files listed first are to be scheduled first
    • An MD5 sum check on the GNOS XML data should be performed prior to scheduling a workflow, when mismatch detected, no job should be scheduled and the JSON file will be moved to failed-jobs folder with explicit error message
  • queued work on the Launcher eventually triggers the workflow to run on a Worker node, the workflow interacts with git
    • first step is to verify whether GNOS metadata XML has not been altered comparing to when the JSON file was generated. JSON is moved to verifying-jobs
    • running workflow moves the JSON to downloading-jobs
    • once download completes, JSON moved to uploading-jobs
    • once upload completes, JSON moved to completed-jobs
    • if an error is detected by the workflow JSON is moved to failed-jobs
    • optional: the workflow encodes debug and/or statistics in the JSON that it moves to failed-jobs or completed-jobs
  • nightly, Elasticsearch index will be built picking up completed jobs from the git repo and marks relavent flags accordingly

The process above is repeated until the all JSON files (all Jobs) are moved to completed-jobs folder.

Important notes

  • All git operations by the workflow must be done on the master branch.

  • Each JSON file movement should be performed as a sequence of git commands: git checkout master && git reset --hard origin/master && git pull && git mv .... && git commit -m 'step name: json_file_name' && git push. Replace mv .... with real json move syntax.

  • The above sequence of git commands is considered to be an 'atomic' transactional operation. Failure in any of the commands will likely leave git repo in a state that could cause problems. A re-try will clear up the bad state (by removing all local changes) and hopefully get the desired git operations completed as well.

  • First step in downloading phase is to download GNOS metadata XML. Before proceeding further, md5sum of this XML (after striping out the dynamic content mentioned in must be checked against what recorded in the JSON. If md5sum does not match, transfer job must be stopped and JSON file must be moved to failed-jobs folder with commit message: GNOS metadata XML md5sum mismatch.

  • Jobs ended up in failed-jobs folder should be followed up, when appropriate the corresponding JSON files need to be manually moved (git mv, commit, push) back to queued-jobs folder (or the backlog-jobs). When JSON file got stuck for unexpected duration in downloading-jobs or uploading-jobs, investigation should be carried out, when appropriate follow the process as handling failed jobs.

  • No files shall be deleted in any situations!

Example JSON file

File name: 0a76a120-80c7-4358-b495-cde8d2873c9d.BOCA-UK.CGP_donor_1635843.CGP_specimen_1704428.WGS-BWA-Normal.json

File naming convention: {gnos_id}.{project_code}.{donor_id}.{specimen_id}.{data_type}.json

    "aliquot_id": "fc99c613-51bf-8b47-e040-11ac0d480d34",
    "available_repos": [
            "": {
                "file_md5sum": "ea6645a55aa63c8864944cb9948e0875",
                "file_size": 29513
            "": {
                "file_md5sum": "c5cb4d706bbce294e1dd5d6c347c8dde",
                "file_size": 29514
    "is_santa_cruz": true,
    "project_code": "BOCA-UK",
    "specimen_type": "Normal - blood derived",
    "submitter_donor_id": "CGP_donor_1635843",
    "submitter_specimen_id": "CGP_specimen_1704428",
    "submitter_sample_id": "PD12423b",
    "data_type": "WGS-BWA-Normal",
    "gnos_id": "0a76a120-80c7-4358-b495-cde8d2873c9d",
    "gnos_repo": [
    "files": [
            "file_md5sum": "ae3ea02c1c5d5336a67fa462bfafe908",
            "file_name": "ae3ea02c1c5d5336a67fa462bfafe908.bam",
            "file_size": 87988673853,
            "object_id": "681a7e90-3334-5c41-9808-668e821cede6"
            "file_md5sum": "eb9a10931adf198262de58c0d4cbb0df",
            "file_name": "ae3ea02c1c5d5336a67fa462bfafe908.bam.bai",
            "file_size": 12719888,
            "object_id": "cd46989c-0d62-5fb4-9306-06d349065b1b"
            "file_md5sum": "c5cb4d706bbce294e1dd5d6c347c8dde",
            "file_name": "0a76a120-80c7-4358-b495-cde8d2873c9d.xml",
            "file_size": 29514,
            "object_id": "b81d4b77-2240-5054-b217-054088f7d3f6"

Fields essential to the S3 transfer job are: gnos_id, gnos_repo, files.*