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Import twint results into datashare
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This script is used to import twint json results into Datashare.

What's before all of that ?

Just use twint to extract tweets from USERNAME's account

twint -u USERNAME -o USERNAME.json --json

How to install it

List of requirements

  • click
  • elasticsearch

Install requirements

pip install -r requirements.txt

# How to use it

See help

python --help

Call script

python script --username TWITTER_USERNAME --index ES_INDEX --host ES_HOST --port ES_PORT --filesPath FILE_PATH

  • username (mandatory) : username from where you extracted the tweets with twint.
  • index : Elasticsearch index name, default is local-datashare.
  • host : Elasticsearch host, default is 9200.
  • port : Elasticsearch port, default is 9200.
  • filesPath: Path where files are stored, default is "/home/dev/data".
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