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Welcome to the Information, Computation, Intelligence and Quantum (ICIQ) open community wiki!

Our community is open to everyone and is dedicated to the development of quantum information, computation and intelligence. We build this platform, initially, to sketch the roadmaps of implementing the next generation of quantum information processors, to call for collective endeavors to lower down the bar against accessing to knowledge, software/hardware tools and other resources to broaden our horizon, conduct rigorous researches and create promising products which can lead the future. How to realize these goals? The power is YOU!

Thank GitHub, Google+, other web service providers and open-source community for creating this convenient platform so that everyone is enabled to easily put invaluable influence to shape the future of this project and our community. With increasing features of GitHub and related tools, you are entitled to edit our webpages (http://iciq.github.io) and this wiki; you can issue wishlists, bugs or questions to our community builders; you can easily organize or participate group studies with unlimited amount of free resources... The benefits go on. Below, we propose some how-tos and detailed information for you to enjoy the benefits of this open community. If you have better ideas than what we are proposing here, please feel free to make your input by clicking "edit" button of this page and type in your input. Basically, all revisions will be version-controlled, and can be rolled-back if any change was believed misleading through discussions among project developers. Most importantly, we believe, through participating, everyone in our community can identify their benefits and enhance them. Now, the journey starts!

Our How-to list:

  1. How to edit ICIQ project webpages.
  2. How to participate discussions on community posts through Google+ community.
  3. How to download source codes or project packages.
  4. How to contribute your idea in terms of mindmaps.
  5. How to create or participate a study group.
  6. How to add some other content, such as your blog, into our community webpage.
  7. How to give/invite a talk or organize any other interactive activities among the community.
  8. How to become an ICIQ community open-source project developer.
  9. How to leave feedback or ask questions to ICIQ developers.
  10. How to spread the word.

Here are some general policies on taking part in our community activities:

  • On bringing in new resources: avoid repeating works that have been done; open-source/free-resources/links first; if you cannot use links, use copyright-free resources or at least require permission before using; ask developers, if anything is unclear...
  • On editing website content: basically, the wikipedia's editing policy applies to our case--verifiable, neutral, avoid replication and pay attention to copyright issue. The main difference from wikipeida editing is that we allow original research or ideas to be demonstrated here.
  • On taking part in group study and discussing with people: respect each other, no personal attack, avoid spamming, some other common sense principles...

As an open community, we are always looking for volunteers to join our administration team and ICIQ community project developing team. Currently, we wish we can have more people to improve but not limited to the following aspects:

  • implementing a better platform for exchanging ideas and follow up progresses in the very broad field of science and technology in Information, Computation and Artificial Intelligence--referring to both the classical version and the quantum version, but more weight on the quantum version.
  • building a better workflow and platform for group studies crossing borders of countries.
  • having more nominations on helpful open-source projects and linked resources.
  • adding more people who would like to manage our open projects, website, Google+page and community and other social media...

If you would like to help us reach any one of the goals mentioned above and beyond, please consider reach us at (iciqproject AT gmail DOT com) or our "issues" page. Thanks!

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