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How to add some other content, such as your blog, onto our community webpage.

Click the blog and public pages link, and add your information there by editing the webpage source codes. You are welcome to share useful links and your own pages through the community public pages. Our readers will judge if your page fit their tastes. However, our readers will also report unrelated links to the website developers, and hence some content could be deleted or re-edited. Just be mindful and respect to our community members' work, when you edit our website pages.

Besides, we welcome new observations and creativity to add in more functions and information sources to our open community. If you have any good idea that the preview website framework has not implemented, feel free to implement it and add onto our public pages. If you need technical supports or would like to discuss your idea with our project developers, just go to the "issue" page and start a discussion there.

Usually, we can discuss deleting links among "issue" posts. We would like to keep links associated with high-quality websites, but not to collect all related links and to add on our pages.

Links to Be Added to Website

If you don't want to edit the pages by your self, you can either announce it through the "issue" page, or add your preferred links below and start a new issue in the repo. Our developers will check this page occasionally.

Example: Description here.

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