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  1. scorelib scorelib Public

    SCORELib extends the SCORE native structures with more complex collection types

    Python 8 5

  2. icon-sdk-php icon-sdk-php Public

    ICON SDK for PHP (Unofficial)

    PHP 5 1

  3. Aegis Aegis Public

    Aegis is an ICON blockchain database & analyzer

    C++ 5

  4. Svalinn Svalinn Public

    Svalinn is an unofficial ICX Desktop Wallet that works both on an online and offline computer.

    CSS 3 2

  5. Hylian Hylian Public

    Hylian is a generic price oracle on ICON working with a list of price feeds such as Daedric.

    Python 3 1

  6. Daedric Daedric Public

    Daedric is a price feed designed to be a component required for a price oracle running on ICON to work.

    Shell 3 5


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