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About the game


MyoSnake is a Javascript Web game that let you play a classic snake game with a Myo Armband. You can play the game online on

You can either use traditional direction key to control, or if you have a Myo Armband, you can control the snake via your arm and finger gesture. You are controlling a snake that can move in all four directions. Your goal is to eat as many food and grow as long as possible. But keep in mind, the snake will die if it hit itself or the border.

About us

We are four Grade 10 high school students from Upper Canada College, Toronto, Canada. This is a project for our computer science and information technology class (ICS4U). We are asked to design a Javascript Web Game using Agile software development cycle.

We are developing this game in order to get familiar with web development and project management.

Team Photo (From Left to Right: Douglas Byers, Andy Craig, Simon Zirui Guo, Alexander Hwang)

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