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Project to enable (young) learners to write (basic) instructions in a google doc and run it through Python Turtle, abstracting a lot of the issues attendant with children coding.
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TurtleIt has been designed in response a perceived need; a simplified interface for young learners to use Python Turtle to solve mazes in a remotely paired programming environment. The intent is that TurtleIt:

  • allows learners on multiple machines to work on the same code file without need to log in
  • abstracts from the need for accurate spellings, capitalisaion, brackets, spaces etc
  • removes the need to enter/opportunity to accidentally remove library code, imports, etc The intended audience is KS2 students (age 8-10).

Workflow (students)

  1. Use a shortcut to open Google drive folder, select challenge number (incremental) and then team number (assigned by teacher
  2. Type in code to instruct turtle
  3. Double-click TurtleIt file and enter challenge/team numbers to plot maze and see how the turtle does to get through it
  4. Repeat ad-infinitum

Installation & Use

  1. Minimum install is, and If dependencies aren't available and cannot be installed using pip (welcome to school CS education!) then the other folders provide the dependencies with versions known to work.
  2. Edit the file with a list of empty Google doc anonymous sharing links. I made an apps script spreadsheet to automatically create the links - though you can only do 250 a day.
  3. Edit the file to include a range of turtle mazes using standard turtle commands.
  4. Create a shortcut on the student computers to (a) the Google drive folder and (b) the file.
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