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Download: visit the Releases Page

Also grab the required library Datapack Utils

Installation Instructions


Mechanization aims to recreate popular tech mods like IC2 and Thermal Expansion and is the single largest survival content expansion datapack for Minecraft with over 60 machines and 260 items. Seriously, look around. I can wait.

Mechanization has been in development for over 5 years, with a feature set including:

  • A complete power system- generate power to run machines
  • Custom ore generation
  • Automation of farming, fishing, mob grinding, mining, and more
  • Item Pipes with filtering support- who needs hoppers, am I right?
  • Mass item storage, Applied Energistics style
  • New Tool and Armor sets with over 25 new upgrades to enhance your equipment
  • Nuclear reactors
  • The Extreme Plasma Annihilator Cannon (patent pending)
  • And so much more...


Want to know more? Check out the wiki.

The wiki has overview videos, recipes, and in-depth descriptions of all items.