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A high-performance micro framework for PHP5.4+
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ICanBoogie is a high-performance object-oriented framework for PHP 5.3.6+. It is written with speed, flexibility and lightness in mind. ICanBoogie doesn't try to be an all-in-one do-it-all solution, prefering to provided a small but strong set of classes and logics as a solid ground to build web applications.

ICanBoogie offers the following features: ActiveRecords, Internationalization, Modules, a RESTful API, Request/Dispatch/Response, runtime Mixins, Autoload, Operations, Events, Hooks, Sessions, Routes, Caching and more.

Together with Brickrouge and Patron, ICanBoogie is one of the components that make the CMS Icybee. You might want to check these projects too.

ICanBoogie is a fork of the WdCore framework made to take advantage of the many features brought by PHP5.3.

Inspiration: MooTools, Ruby on Rails, Yii and of course Bacara :)

Getting started


The minimum requirement for the ICanBoogie framework is PHP5.3.6. ICanBoogie has been tested with Apache HTTP server on Linux, MacOS and Windows operating systems. The Apache server must support URL rewriting.


Clone ICanBoogie from its GitHub repository using the following command:

$ git clone

ICanBoogie doesn't need to be web-accessible, thus a single instance can be used to power multiple projects.


Low-level components of the framework are configured using multiple configuration files, usually one per component. The default configuration files are available in the /config/ folder. To override the configuration or part of it, you can provide the path or paths to your configuration files.

For example, you want to define the primary database connection:

  1. Edit your core configuration file e.g. /protected/all/config/core.php with the following lines:

    return array
        'connections' => array
            'primary' => array
                'dsn' => 'mysql:dbname=<databasename>;host=<hostname>',
                'username' => '<username>',
                'password' => '<password>'
  2. Then specify your config path while creating the core object:

    namespace ICanBoogie;
    require_once 'ICanBoogie.phar';
    $core = new Core
            'paths' => array
                'config' => array(DOCUMENT_ROOT . 'protected/all/'),
                'locale' => array(DOCUMENT_ROOT . 'protected/all/')


Before we can process requests we need to run the framework. Running the framework indexes modules and select the context of the application.

When the framework is running we can add additionnal routes or attach additionnal events, for they are usually defined in config fragements.

Finally we can execute the HTTP request and return a response.


# here we could add routes or attach events

$request = HTTP\Request::from($_SERVER);
$response = $request();
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