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High level Schema Extensions (Compiler & Checker)
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IdentityChain Schema Extensions -
High Level Schemas

Welcome to the Schema Extensions repository, please see our documentation site for more information.

Getting prerequisites

A recent version of Java JRE and JDK (>=7) must be installed.

To download required libraries, run once the first time inside the repo:

make update

(Re)Building the Schema/Credential compiler

After a latest git pull of this repo, run:


Running the Schema/Credential compiler as a Server

In the repo directory run:

java -jar bin/idchain.jar idchain/HTTP --help
java -jar bin/idchain.jar idchain/HTTP --host --port 8000 # the arguments are optional, defaults to localhost:8000

To hit the Server from the client side, run:

curl -X POST 'http://localhost:8000/schema' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '<SCHEMAS_JSON>'

, validates and compiles the high-level schema to low-level Indy schema.

curl -X POST 'http://localhost:8000/cred' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"schemas": <SCHEMAS_JSON>, "credential": <CREDENTIAL_JSON>}'

, validates the high-level schema and credential and returns the filled-in Indy credential.

curl -G "http://localhost:8000/types"

, returns a list of types supported in the high-level schema.

Running the Schema/Credential compiler from CommandLine

Take a look at the help-message output (java -jar bin/idchain.jar idchain/CLI --help):

Typechecker & Compiler of High-level Schemas/Credentials to low-level Indy schemas/credentials

--help                      (this message)
--schema <filepath>         The inputted file containing the higher-level schema(s)
--cred <filepath>           The inputted file containing the unfinished credentials given by the issuer
--checkSchema               Syntax-check and type-check the inputted schema
--checkCred                 Syntax-check and type-check the inputted credential
--compileSchema             Compile the inputted higher-level schema(s) to (lower-level) Indy schemas
--compileCred               Compile the unfinished inputted credential to a full Indy credential
--odir <directory>          Where to put the output files (default: current directory)

Also take a look at make test inside the Makefile for a running example:

make test
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